Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vacation (or something like it)

We're just back from a long-ish road trip (which I hope to write about from my own perspective soon).  Oliver wrote the following yesterday about the trip. Not really what I imagined his take away would be, but wonderful all the same!

Coming home from vacation really made me appreciate finally all the many things I have in my life. Having a bed or a hot meal are things that I have just taken for granted. I slept in a tent for many nights on our trip and I ate food my mom cooked over a fire. I made myself try hard not to complain but it is hard not to have all the things that make my life comfortable. Not having many conveniences everyday made some things more complicated. It made me think about people who live without water and electricity all the time and not just for fun. Sometimes our tent leaked and it made me think of people who don't always have the comfort of solid walls and a bed on a wet night. I have worked very hard in my life to do things that other people take for granted so I know we don't always understand the hardship of others. I had a great vacation. I made the best of being at the ocean by swimming everyday. Being in nature without restriction is a good way to be in the world. 



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