Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Little Strong One

Ok, so Sami it is. (Anyone know how to make the umlaut over the a?) Just to be clear, we aren't thinking of changing his name legally, but we will probably never actually call him Samuel (or as he says it: Sami Well). I just want to be consistent in how we spell his shortened name because that will be how he mostly identifies himself.

So anyway, this new guy in our life, this Sami -- well, he is a piece of work. I keep forgetting that he is just two years, four months old because he is so darn articulate and thoughtful. I take a real guilty pleasure in my interactions with him because they are so reciprocal and easy. I relish our blossoming ability to have conversations. Not so much his growing ability to assert himself and even to argue with me.

In the store yesterday I told both kids that they needed to stay right with me. Oliver was very good about it but Sami really wanted to go his own way. At one point I looked back at him and said: "Sami, can you come over here with me please?" He responded: "Um. ..... No Mom, I can't. I need to go over here and look at something."

Then, when we were on vacataion and walking up a grassy slope with some gravel mixed in he turned to me and said with a sigh: "There sure are a lot of rocks in this world, Mom."

Later that same night he handed me two shiny pennies that he had found on the floor and said: "You should go and buy yourself something, Mom."

Watching his personality grow with the months, I do believe that this is not the only time in his life when he will be giving me his two cents!


  1. Eileen11:26 AM

    You're so clever with your writing..."two cents". Sami(no idea how to do the umlaut) is so funny! He sounds so much like Brian. I understand your guilty pleasure with the interactions. It always makes me think about what Andrew might say in certain situations if he were able to articulate verbally this way and helps me to understand his frustration with the fact that he can't.

  2. Oh my, you are soooo going to have your hands full with your little man! LOVE IT!