Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I finally got around to downloading some pictures from my camera last night and as I was going through them I found this:

This was created on our fateful trip to the cabin in August. Not a whole lot went right about that little get-away, let me tell you. But this really intrigued me. Oliver spent a good fifteen minutes working on it. Placing each piece of carrot just so. And this from a boy who has never shown much of an interest in the more traditional art forms of the pre-school age. So, maybe I have a little materials artist on my hands?

Also, some other photos from that same trip:


  1. The plate of food is interesting. I wonder if it means a lot more to him than we can understand.

    Some great photos of your handsome guys!

  2. Gosh, our kids can have such focus. I am impressed he allowed carrots on his plate!! What a good eater.

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    the place looks so heavenly!

    the plate is amazing. i wonder if it's math? 1 salami, 2 carrot pieces (large) 3 carrot pieces (small?) or maybe an equation? 1 + 2 = 3????

    in any case, the focus always intrigues me. there is such meaning in it, to be sure, even if we can decipher it.

  4. Aren't our kids fascinating? That could probably be in a gallery.

    I hope it's the first in a series!