Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whadda Guy

Yesterday we were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner when someone knocked on the door. When I opened it I saw that an acquaintance of ours was standing there. This guy isn't someone that we know all that well although he lives just two blocks from us and works with Nik. He bikes home past our house everyday and if I'm outdoors I wave. Sometimes he pulls over and we exchange greetings. Nice guy, but that is about it.

Anyway, so, he says hello and tells me that he wanted to buy some flowers for his wife but he left work a bit late and all the downtown florists were closed. ...

He didn't even have to finish his thought because at the moment nature has blessed my yard with the colors of Spring. "Oh, cut some of my daffodils for her, please!" I told him. "Is it a special occasion?" Under the circumstances I felt I could be a bit nosey.

"No," he said, "I like to take her flowers when it isn't a special occasion because I usually forget when it is."

Kind of restores your faith in romance, doesn't it?

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