Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's that:: "What's This? "

Are you sick to death yet of me bragging about Oliver's blossoming desire to communicate? Well, too bad! Because, try as I might to not get overly optimistic about each new little thing, I just can't help it. Today, I was on the phone with someone interested in learning more about RDI (Yeah!!!) when Oliver brought me a book that he hasn't picked up in, oh, say, two years. It is all about different kinds of vehicles. "Book!" he said emphatically. Then, when I turned my back and tried to ignore him: "Read the book!" Then over and over again until I had to hang up the phone and comply.

So picture this: the two of us on the couch looking at a mostly picture book --me, pointing and naming vehicles with lots of pauses in between -- Oliver repeating every word after me and then taking my finger to various pictures and asking: "What's this?"

What's this?!!

Isn't that a WH question?

MY boy? Asking Wh- questions??

Is this some kind of dream?

So I've got one of my own: what the heck is going on around here?


  1. Are you sick to death yet of me saying "I told you so"?! Someday soon I'll take the time to look back through your archives and find the posts where you despaired about Oliver EVER speaking to you. I just knew he would!!!

    You deserve to revel in this- post about it as many times as you can!

  2. What wonderful news! :-)


  3. Never sick of reading about Oliver and all this wonderful talking!!!!!!

    I'll tell you what the heck is going on around there...You are making the right choices for Oliver and your family and all the hard work you have been doing with him is paying off. He feels safe, comfortable and ready to open up more and more, I bet.

    Brag on!

  4. Hurray! So happy for you.

  5. Awesome! Now, could you please bottle some of that and ship it to me overnight? ;-)

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    ALWAYS LOVE HEARING ABOUT OLIVER!!!! this is so very exciting! i am jumping up and down!