Friday, July 11, 2008

Progress in Little Measures

Do you have any idea how frequently I try to give Oliver some thing that he doesn't want? Apparently quite a lot. I know this now because of his new favorite phrases: "I don't want that." and also: "I don't want any." And sometimes just: "No thanks." This is all a vast improvement over his previous responses, which were to either jump up and run away from the offending item or to shove it away with a loud "No!'

Oh, and the other day, I also was able to teach him a couple of new phrases that seem to be taking hold. Now, instead of saying: "I want juice!", Oliver will ask: "Can I have juice?" or "Can I have that?" It is just a little thing, but it is so nice that he has a new way of asking for what he wants -- and the fact that it is a question and not a statement just totally makes my day.


  1. It's not such a little thing -- way to go, Oliver!

  2. I agree w/'s NOT a little thing at all. I did, however, chuckle with understanding. Nik certainly understands the sign for "no" but will not use it or even shake his head to indicate it; instead, he simply shoves things as far away from him as possible if he doesn't want them. Sometimes that includes me. Sniffle...

  3. How wonderful. I often wonder if I'll be able to take my boys to the movies one day... this makes me hopeful :)

  4. It's nice to hear that we may move beyond the "I want..." fill-in-the-blank stage someday!

  5. Gosh I'd almost forgotten the change over from meltdowns, to demands, to questions.

    Yeah for you!