Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Broken Things

The bubble has burst. Three ay em comes so damn early some days, ya know? But, like I said to Nik: At least I could sleep through it. Honey. Seriously, my husband is so incredible. Not only did he let me pretend that I didn't hear the boy but he brought me coffee in bed at seven, having given up any thoughts of going back to sleep himself hours before.

But before we get discouraged (easy for me, having slept till seven) we'll hope this is an anomaly in our new solid sleeping habit. We'll mark it on the calendar and note that a) it is almost a full moon, b) it is raining today, which means that the barometric pressure was changing in the night and c) Nik took the boys for a walk that turned into a run in the hour before bedtime. Even after all these years we still try to find some thing that happened at point A that took us to point B. My guess is that we'll never find that one thing but at least it helps us feel like we are doing something.

On another note, and because I don't talk about Sami near enough on these pages, I just have to say that four is a great age. I utterly delight in that boy and the little person I see him becoming. I have momentary worries about him. He has to play second fiddle in so many ways around our house but he handles it with a grace that is far beyond his years. For instance, yesterday Oliver accidentally destroyed a lego mobile that Sami had spent a good deal of time building. I held my breath as I watched Sami  take it all in before cheerfully saying: "Oh that's OK. I can build it again. I'm really good a figuring things out and building things."  And just like that Sami lifts me and eases my worries.


  1. So, Christine, any time you are doubting what a good mom you are to BOTH those boys, remember this:
    "Oh that's OK. I can build it again. I'm really good a figuring things out and building things." You and Nik have clearly instilled a very strong sense of self and slef-confidence in your children. That's a gift that will last them a lifetime.

    Sorry about the sleep stuff. As you know, we ride the same roller coaster and are always trying to figure out cause/effect. Usually to no avail.

  2. I worry about the brother in our house too. One night recently "Rainman" was on tv. We left it on and explained to Tommy a little bit about the story. Tommy said "so that guy (Tom Cruise) is the brother, like me and Sami and Brian?" I thought it was kind of sad, kind of sweet. At least they know there are others out there in the brother club.

  3. May tonight be a better night, a sleep-filled night.

    Your little guy is a sweetie. I would love for five seconds of sweetness like that from either of my offspring. Not even on our best day.

    I know what you mean about searching for causes all of the time. I know.

  4. I'm sorry for this blip and pray it's just that. We're seeing John's neurologist next week in pursuit of us all sleeping again. Thinking of you. Sami sounds like such a love.

  5. It will pass! It will pass! Just a fluke! fingers crossed!!!

  6. I just posted about our special sib. Love these kids. They are so wise beyond their years.

  7. Anonymous11:29 AM

    sami is amazing. wow. i marvel at his regulation!