Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I could be re-painting my kitchen but probably won't.

When Mom-NOS posted that her New Year's resolution was to post every day in January I thought to myself: Hmmm. What a great idea! I should do that. I need a blogging kick in the butt. But I hedged a bit and decided that I wouldn't say it out loud. That way, I thought, I can change my mind and not have to make excuses. And so I did. Change my mind, I mean. Like on January 2nd. But I at least thought about posting everyday. ... Maybe I'll try February instead. Yeah, February with only 28 days sounds a bit more manageable. It isn't a leap year, is it?

OK, so to catch you up a bit on the sleep thing -- because I know how much my sleep means to you -- we may have found a solution, Houston!  After I last posted about starting Oliver on Clonidine, we had a few good nights here and there, sometimes they were even strung together in a row, but we continued to struggle with night wakings two, three and even four nights during the week. I had just about decided to give up on the whole thing. The anxiety that comes along with experimenting with a medication just didn't seem worth it if we weren't getting consistent sleep. But last week we again met with the neurologist who suggested changing the dose once more because we were giving him less than half the allowable amount for a kid weighing 70lbs (yes, my guy has weighed 70lbs for a year!!).  Either that has done the trick or we are in the midst of a longer-than usual, random good patch -- but last night marks the fourth night in a row of good sleep.  I don't know what to think but I am totally optimistic that this will be the solution for us. I am desperately optimistic. So keep your fingers crossed for us, will you?

The weird part about getting so much sleep is that I find myself with so much time and energy that I don't know what to do with myself. And this after only four days of solid sleep. That could mean trouble. Nik saw me gazing at the kitchen walls last night and cautioned me not to try and renovate anything! Drats! So while I won't be renovating anything and I won't be promising something crazy like posting everyday, I might still manage to show up here more often.

May the sleep be with you!!!


  1. Don't be like me... I'll peel off wallpaper in a caffeinated frenzy, and then never get to the next step! I've also cut my hair in a moment of sleep-deprivation+caffeine. That actually turned out well.

    Hope the medication increase can do the trick. We are having similar problems, and I think medication may be in one of my twin's future. My fingers are crossed for you and Oliver.

  2. Oh, Mom to JBG -- I am exactly like you!! And Nik knows this, hence the moratorium on all new projects. I am famous for rooms that stay half painted for a year (or longer). And I tried the haircut thing too but in my case it didn't turn out too well!

  3. :)
    well, wouldn't that be AWESOME! I know just what you mean with the sudden energy that sleeping five straight hours (in my case) can bring! I hope you find a satisfying project to dive into... I'm crossing my fingers for you!

    I was going to post about what may be finally working for us. A few nights ago, I decided to give J. his clonidine dose earlier than right before bed, with dinner actually. And he was almost conked out at the 1.5 hour mark. So no melatonin that night, we just slipped him into bed. He still woke up in the middle of the night, but briefly, and slept 'til 5. Last night I did the same, gave clonidine earlier so that it made him sleepy. But this time when he awoke at 1 a.m., we then gave him his usual dose of melatonin and he went back to sleep... until 7. I don't know if this is it or if things will revert back tonight... we'll see.

    Here's thinking sleepy thoughts for us both.

  4. Sleep? *sigh* Oh, and I'm with you & Mom to JBG about the half finished projects. *HEAVY sigh*

  5. Nik knows you all to well! *LOL*

  6. Yes! Success! May the sleep STAY with you.

  7. Is it me, or is there no date on this post? Reason I am asking is because I think it's been days, maybe even a week since you wrote it and I am just wondering what color you ended up painting the kitchen? ;-)