Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why, Yes! We ARE back from vacation!

You probably thought when I ended my last post by saying: "See you in June!" that I meant I would be posting something here in June 2012. Well, unfortunately that just wasn't possible due to the sudden and unforeseen death of all our electronic devices. ALL of them. Even the phones. Death by bathtub.

But, Yes!!  We made it to Switzerland and back with just slightly more, okay, waaay more difficulty than usual. But, we had a fantastic time - mostly.

First, the fantastic. Well, we were in Switzerland. You just can't get more fantastic than that. We rode our bikes every day and ranged much further than in years past. There were plenty of days when we averaged 30 miles or more. I could go on and on about Swiss bicycle infrastructure. There is simply no place that you can't get to via bike path and that alone is worth the price of the ticket for us. Plus, we got to see friends and family and Oliver was finally able to communicate with them in a way that had not been possible until now. AND, we discovered that Oliver understands Swiss German and was even able to translate for me on occasion, which was very cool and thrilled the Grandmother who does not speak any English.

Unfortunately, the good stuff had some serious competition with the not so good stuff. I won't go into it in too much detail but let's just say that Oliver's Swiss relatives, and their neighbors,and anyone who was startled awake during the sleepy time of our 9 hour flight over, are probably still talking about our, ahem, adventures.

Anyway, I did manage to take a couple of photos on the one camera that escaped the great electronic massacre of 2012 (no, that camera would not be the iPhone, that camera would be the cheap-o digital camera with the shutter that no longer open and shuts properly but who's counting, anyway?!)

Notice, please, the beautiful scenery and the happy smiles in these pictures. Since these are the only pictures that remain I guess this is the way I'll have to remember our vacation. I can live with that.


  1. That looks like a fun vacation! We take our bikes with us when we road trip to vacation spots. It's such a great way to see a community. Welcome home!

  2. I've been wondering how you guys are doing. I'm sorry to hear you had a stressful time after arriving in Switzerland, but it looks like you created some great memories too. I am blown away about Oliver's comprehension of Swiss German. That kid. absorbs. everything! Sorry about his combined love of electronics and water though. :-/

  3. I'm so jealous! Not of the technology massacre. Though many of my electronics have ended up broken. No digital camera right now. Broken keys on the laptap. It's just that a certain little someone is very taken with them. Having relatives in France, I'd love to take Jack. But not ready yet. And I'm blown away by his picking up the language! Fantastic.