Friday, August 24, 2012

Oliver - in his own words.

I've been working on some writing prompts with the kids, gearing up for the creative writing class I'm organizing with our homeschool co-op starting next month. I'm trying to make the prompts fun, things that might appeal to young boys: How would you outsmart a groundhog that was after your prize tomato? and How would you get a dragon out from under your bed? then, What would you do if you got to spend a day with a dragon? It has been fun -- and enlightening -- to read what the boys come up with. And our discussions about imagination often lead into the next subject of our day: science. I really, really love watching the kids make these connections. And Oliver, for his part, is much more of an active participant in our discussions than I ever imagined possible. It is breath-taking to think of how much has changed for him, for us, in just a few short months. I love sitting down for "school" with him every day and I think he does, too.

Yesterday, I had not come up with an exciting writing prompt, so I simply asked Oliver to tell me about himself. This is what he wrote:

"My name is Oliver. I will be ten years old on Saturday. I have autism. That means that I have a hard time making friends and that some more things are hard. Like talking. My brain works different from yours. I am really good at riding my bike, spelling, and math. I like to swim in the ocean. I have a brother named Sami and a brother named Luke."

He forgot to include that he is easy to love and has an incredibly beautiful smile and that he inspires me every single day.


  1. He and my oldest share a birthday, though she's turning 15 today...Sigh...

    Would love to see more of your writing prompts; my ASD guy could use prompts that actually make him WANT to put pen to paper instead of making him want to run screaming from the room, that's for sure!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I love it! He may be more self aware, in various ways, than anyone suspected.