Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The end of a chapter

Soon I will take a test so I can go to school. I am excited  that I will finally get to learn with other kids. I am worried that the test will be very hard. But I will try my best. I know my mom doesnt want me to go to school but I will not hope for anything less. People look at me and they see my autistic self and they don’t believe I can have intelligence. I know I will have to work hard to show them that I can learn like everyone else. I think opportunities to learn are everywhere and people will be surprised by what I know. 


In my own defense: It is only partly true that I don't want Oliver to go to school. I am thrilled beyond imagining that Oliver is choosing his own course. For this reason I stand behind him even if he is making a choice that I would not make for him. I'm also not thrilled at the prospects of negotiating with the school district to get Oliver the accommodations that he will need to be successful.

I cannot tell you how much pleasure I have gotten from homeschooling my kids. I love the flexibility we have to learn whatever we want, to follow the thread of a conversation wherever it takes us, and to adjust what we are doing on any given day to meet their needs on that day.

Autism brought me the gift of these extra days with my children and for that I have been mightily privileged. I will be sorry to see this chapter of our lives close.

A new adventure is around the corner. I feel sure of it. And this time maybe it is Oliver's own adventure and I will have to learn to be a spectator.


  1. Love, love, love to you both. Oliver, thank you for continuing to share your words here.

  2. I won't be surprised at what you know, Oliver! I can tell you are smart. Everyone else will know soon too. Do your best, that's all any of us can do. You're doing an amazing job at communicating!!