Monday, November 03, 2014

7th Grade

I go to school now because I wanted the chance to experience life like everyone else. Everyone wants to feel good about finding somewhere to fit in. I was really just not very happy at home where everyone saw what I did all day. I wanted to do something for myself. Going to school and not being like everyone else can be hard but I have really found everyone to be trying to help me. Have so many people always helping and believing in me is what makes me know I will succeed. I spend half the day in school and I take two classes, science and math. I really like going to these and I want to say that algebra isn't as hard for me as it might seem. The really hard part is showing what I understand. When I have a good support person who understands the way my body moves it is so much easier to show what I am capable of. 



  1. Hi Oliver! I am very proud of you. Making the transition to public school is a huge step. You are accomplishing great things and will continue to do so as you set your own goals and work hard toward them. Your future is so bright!

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Lovely to hear how your experience with school has been. Good to hear people have been helpful. Math can be very interesting and a great challenge so good to hear that algebra is going well.