Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's a Whole New World

My mom has always told me that I need to get safety features for our house -- special knobs for the gas stove, special locks for the doors, etc. She has done this since Oliver was a baby, even before we received his diagnosis. But I never needed them. Oliver has never attempted to touch the stove or to open doors.

All that is changing and I'm not sure I like it. Yesterday when I wasn't looking Oliver opened the refridgerator and retrieved an egg. Holding it aloft he looked at me and said: "I break the egg."

"Oh no you don't," I replied and tried to grab the egg from him before he dropped it onto the hard kitchen floor.

Now the other thing about Oliver is that he is fast. And he knows how to evade capture, this boy. I dart to the right and he skirts around me to the left. He fakes me out and runs past me in the other direction. He would do great on the basketball court if he could ever figure out the dribbling thing.

So for the next couple of minutes chaos ensued as I chased my boy around the house while he held the egg precariously between two fingers, laughing and repeating: "I break the egg!"

When I finally managed to catch him and avert any slimy, sticky disasters, I figured he had earned the prize. So with supervision I took him back to the kitchen, took out a bowl and watched as he broke the egg, looking triumphantly up at me as he did so.

Whew. That was fun.

Now where's Sammy? I had momentarily forgotten about the other little guy. A quick survey of the area and I found him -- half way up the stairs!

Two firsts in one day! It's a whole new world in our little green house.


  1. They really keep us on our toes! Andrew broke a whole carton of eggs the other day. He took them out and dropped them on the kitchen floor.

    It sounds like Oliver's language is really coming along. Maybe Andrew and Oliver can both play in the NBA together someday.

  2. Tobin has figured out how to open teh fridge too. We had our own little egg mishap. :-)

  3. You are a busy mommy!!! We had to get a lock for the pantry, because Gabe would get his own food. The fridge, we tied a bandana through both handles. Gabe was surprised at first, then mad, now he has learned to ASK for things. I love it when it also becomes an educational moment. lol