Monday, July 10, 2006

We're Back!!

You know how it is when you come back from vacation feeling like you need a vacation? Well, that was not this vacation. Everyone should have a mother-in-law like I do. She truely took care of us as only a mother can and gave Nik and I the opportunity to focus on the children and re-lax-ation!!

Oliver and Sam did incredibly well, even on the long days of transit coming and going. We ate a ton of chocolate and ice cream. I started running again. We did some hiking. Ate some more chocolate and ice cream. Went swimming just about every day. And in general had a fantastic time. Now let's just hope it won't be another two years before we have another vacation!

More later on the vacation but in the meantime I thought I would post some pictures.

Sam learned to love food on this vacation: especially the abundant fresh strawberries.

Oliver eating Chocolate on our excursion to the alps.

Outside Grandma's house.

In Liechtenstein's capital of Vaduz Oliver made some friends with the local wildlife.

Oliver with a wildflower in the Alps.

Hiking with Poppi.

The view from the top of the world (or at least the top of Europe)!


  1. Wow. Wow. It looks awesome! Welcome back Christine- you've been missed!

    Glad to hear your trip was so terrific- I look forward to getting more details.

  2. We all missed you!!!

    The pictures are soooooo beautiful! I am so happy you had such a fantastic time!

  3. Beautiful boys, beautiful landscape----we've missed you for sure! And more than glad you had a real vacation.

  4. Oh those pictures (and those babies) are just GORGEOUS!!!


  5. I'm so jealous! Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time. Welcome back!

  6. Your boys are so photogenic! I am also extremely jealous of your overseas adventures. :-)