Friday, March 02, 2007

On my Mind

Some things I'm thinking about this week:

1) The changes that I'm seeing in Oliver since we started RDI are so gratifying and cause me to be filled with such excitement about where our future is headed. He is joining in and enjoying play activities with very little prompting. All I have to do is say: "Hey, Oliver, let's play a game over here." And he stops what he is doing and joins me! No more escaping, no more chasing!!! He is voluntarily coming to me. I can also now call to him from another part of the house and he will usually respond. How great is that?!

2) Music is essential to life. It used to be that there was always a soundtrack to my life. But for whatever reason I haven't listened to much since the kids were born. Anyway, I finally got around to ordering this CD by the Hackensaw Boys. I saw them perform live last year and was blown away. They have been described by one critic as the Ramones meet the Carter Family. And if you think that sounds incredible just wait till you hear their music! The whole family loves it and our post-dinner dance sessions have brought a new element of joy to our kitchen. I think music and dancing are here to stay at our house.

3) Sammy has potty trained himself. About a month ago we switched over to cloth diapers and I realized that they were never wet -- even first thing in the morning. Then I talked him into trying underwear and we never looked back. He's not quite two yet and he tells me when he has to go to the potty. So this is how the other half lives!!!

4) Nik is going to China. For 10 days. I'm terribly excited for him but also a bit stressed about how I will manage everything in his absence. I plan to order out as much as possible :-)

5) It is supposed to be 55 degrees here today and sunny. The snowman in my front yard barely shows up under the brim of his hat and daffodils are sprouting all around him. The Gods and I are in agreement: Move over Frosty, I'm ready for Spring!!!


  1. woohoo! that is ALL SO VERY EXCITING! i am thrilled to hear it! rah rah RDI!

    i may order that very cd. i love discovering new music and we all love the dancing about the house!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Hackensaw boys - listening to it now on Yahoo Music. Yeehaw!

  3. Wow, you have a lot going on! I can not believe your son potty trained himself. Sounds like Oliver is making good progress as well. I am sure you will do fine when your husband leaves, & oh yeah, did any one say curbside pickup?:)

  4. Sounds like spring is blooming in many ways for you and yours----Music is key here, too, and more and more for Charlie.