Friday, April 13, 2007

Three Times! A Charm!

Two days ago I sent an e-mail to a friend, who understands such things, crying about my desire for Oliver to talk. Sometimes days and weeks go by and I don't really think about his almost complete inability to communicate verbally. This is just the way it is for us. It is our ordinary. Then a day of mourning pops up out of nowhere and just completely knocks me down and wanting Oliver to talk is all I think about. Luckily though it doesn't take me as long to get back up as it used to. And of course it helps to have friends who point out what I already know: We are on the right track and Oliver is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

The same day that I got my little e-mail pep talk I resolved (again) not to be so fixated on the speech thing. And that same day Oliver came running up to me, threw his arms around me and said: "I love you!" clear as day. Three times!

Oliver is a boy of few words. But Boy! those few words are enough to melt my heart and keep me going for a year!


  1. A charm for sure!

    It is funny when you think about how some parents may hear those words so often and most likely take for granted just how wonderful it is to hear them.

    It's nice to have friends who understand when you do have one of those days.

  2. That sounds so wonderful!

    That he's doing it spontaneously is fantastic. Little moments like that can really help sustain you through the tougher times (not that I've heard that phrase yet, but occasionally getting a kiss from on of my twins is what keeps me going at this point)

    I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Those are three of the most thrilling words out there!


  4. I agree - the spontaneity! Classic.
    Best wishes

  5. How wonderful :)

  6. Those words are worth more than their weight in gold!

    Same has happened to me---a magical email in the inbox, and of course those magical words from my child.