Monday, May 07, 2007

In the Kitchen

I find myself in the kitchen more frequently than I would like. I remember Home Ec from high school only because I was, at the time, outraged that I had to take it (everyone did). I balanced it by taking drafting, wood shop and machine shop. Let's just say I was not on the academic track :-)

BUT,! I now LOVE spending time in the kitchen when I can prepare marvelous meals for all of the dinner parties on our social calendar (HA!!) but not so much when it is just the day in and day out let's get dinner on the table drill. Nevertheless, I have discovered two products that have become staples in my house: anything from Pataks, which is sold at my local grocery store, and allows me to make a really delicious meal in a half hour!!!! and my new favorite beverage -- Woodchuck Draft Cider -- for after the kidlets have gone to bed.

And things don't get much better than on a night like tonight when I have them both together! Now it occurs to me that it takes so little, really, to make me happy.


  1. A Whole Foods is just far away from us to merit a nice "outing" for Charlie and me in the evening-----and a nice dinner with my best friend.

  2. I feel like I'm at the grocery store 5 times a week lately- ugh. So I'll look for both these new items next time!

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