Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back in Business


It appears that the problem of mooching wireless access has much to do with graduation. The street where I live is loaded with group houses for the local university. Now that the summer school students have moved in there are wireless connections aplenty. So for now anyway, I'm back in business.

Kyra, over at ThisMom tagged me a few days ago for a meme: 8 things about me. I've never been "it" before so I gave this a little bit of thought and couldn't think of much that was terribly interesting. So I decided instead to do a little photo essay instead.

My garden. This was a wasted patch of brown dirt and scrub grass when I started 3 years ago. I dream about my garden in the winter and a day is not complete without walking though the spring-summer-fall garden at least once.

My bookshelf. From The Lovely Bones to The Art of Loving and everything in between.

My refrigerator. I hate clutter but you wouldn't know it by the top of my fridge where everything gets stashed.

In the kitchen. For me it really is all abut the joy of cooking!

The dreaded tupperware closet. How can I possibly have so many mis-matched pieces?

OK. I realize that is only 5 things but it is too dark outside to take a picture of the inside of my car, which is a real wreck, and my sock drawer is in the room where the kids are sleeping. So let's see. ... 3 more things. ...

1. I've had like 40 different jobs in my life. I started working when I was 13 and always had at least two jobs at a time. Even now I find myself looking at the want ads and seeing job descriptions for ticket takers or food demonstrators and think: "I could do that on the evenings and weekends." And then I realize that no, I couldn't. It is a mind set that is hard to break. If I were to write a real resume it would include: dental assistant, closed-caption transcriber, personal assistant, short-order cook, ironer and laundramat attendant, rough carpenter, baker, cashier at grocery store (one day only), cashier at Au Bon Pain (also one day), ethnographer, house cleaner, census taker, salad maker. ... it pretty much goes on and on.

2. I once crewed on a 42 foot wooden sailboat from the Philippines to Thailand by way of Borneo. All of the other crew members were German-speaking and I secretly admired the only other woman on board because she showered topless on deck while I clung to my Puritan heritage.

3. I have really big feet. I wear a size 10 1/2. I hit puberty really late -- I was 16 -- and I didn't grow height-wise until after that. So for about a year I was 5 foot, 2 inches tall with a size ten shoe. I later grew into those feet (I'm now 5'9") but it was a pretty scary waiting for that growth spurt.

So now I'm supposed to tag someone else, I guess. But I'm not going to because it feels a little too much like choosing up for a game of softball and as the short girl with big feet who never got picked that kind of goes against my ethos. Still, I have to say I enjoyed being tagged and it was kind of fun going about my house with the camera thinking: "This says something about me." or "This says way too much about me!" Anyone else care to give it a try?

ps: I can't figure out why I can't get the spacing to work right when I add pictures and text. .. it is really frustrating


  1. Not sure if I'm bold enough! Loved reading the titles f your books.

  2. I loved the photos! I actually wondered to myself this morning if an Early Intervention therapist might contact Child Protective Services for sheer volume of clutter.

    Glad the summer school students have you back up and running!

  3. So glad you are back up and running. Yippee! Loved the photos, too. bTW, I am trying to get Niksdad to design that GPEW system. He just shakes his head and laughs...afraid I'll use it to rope him into tose really NASTY changes. LOL