Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three Things

#1. I want to thank my friend Burgiboogie for writing about something that has been heavily on my mind for a quite awhile: Unconditional Love. A mother's love for her child is supposed to be such a simple, true, uncomplicated thing. But sometimes it isn't. For me, it gets all wrapped up in my own issues of ego: what I think I want and need out of relationships, out of life. But it is so damn difficult for me to stop in the middle of my frustration and think: ooooh, this is all about me! Look how perfectly lovely and loveable he is! But the frustration and impatience melt away (well, not really, but it DOES get put into proper perspective) when I manage to do just that. So for me, as I wrote in my comment to her, loving has as much to do with my head as it does with my heart. Surprisingly so.

#2. Like so many of my on-line friends we are going on vacation!!! Normally, we visit Nik's family in Switzerland every year for three weeks in the summer. And don't get me wrong, it is always wonderful! I mean, three weeks in Europe being pampered by Nik's mom, what could be better? Think chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate, mountains, fresh air and the distant sound of cow bells. But this year the airfares never came down to what we could afford (we're a family of five now!) so we decided not to go. Instead, a friend of ours owns a small place on an island off the coast of Maine and this year we have decided to take her up on her standing invitation to visit. I went to high school not far from the island but have not been back since the year after I graduated; Nik has never been to that part of the country. So, as of yesterday, all the arrangements are made, the kids are excited, and Nik and I feel as though we are poised on the edge of a real adventure! Pictures will most definately follow.

#3. I don't really have a number three, but two things just seemed pretty paltry for a post. So, how about this: Lime Popsicles. On a day where the temperature hits 97 degrees, you can't go wrong with lime popsicles.


  1. Have a great time in Maine! Hope you guys have a nice quiet get away.

  2. Oh, how wonderful! Maine is a place of fond memories for me. Enjoy the vacation!

    And the lime popsicles...

  3. Ahem, I now know your secret career choice...having followed your comments from someone else'd blog...I think it wounds wonderful and can't wait for you to share more.

    BTW, on your #1 item? That's pretty normal; I hope you don't beat yourself up over it. :-)

    Switzerland vs. Maine...it's a toss-up. Chocolate vs. Lobster...and YES, YES, YES to lime popsicles!

    Enjoy your trip.

  4. Mothering is complicated and messy and even frustrating (!!) sometimes-----my parents have been visiting and Charlie has been spending lots of time with them, but he's glad to have me around for all the end of the day essentials. I think he rather expects it and it's ever hard to provide, for sure. An island, sounds lovely.