Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Few Things

It has been a very busy coupla weeks around here, culminating in two nights away last week in our nation's capitol. I used to be very interested by such things. Thrilled by it; motivated by it. But now I just don't care as much. I guess that means it really is time to move on, professionally speaking. And so I shall.

These two nights/three days away were kind of a dry run for the upcoming ten days --- TEN DAYS -- when I will be in Houston for beginning my RDI certification program. The downside is that I missed the kids terribly. Terribly. I mean it was almost physical how much I missed them by the second morning. But the upside is that they were all fine. Nik was only a tiny bit relieved to see me when I got home but the house was cleaner than when I left it and none of the kids broke down sobbing with relief upon my return. I guess they can manage without me and that genuinely gives me some peace.

But this post is about a few other things. Firstly, I finally got around to hosting the video of Oliver and I shopping. This was taken six months after we started RDI (around the end of September, I think). I wish I could also show a similar video of before we started. But believe me when I say that prior to RDI, there was nothing like this sort of interaction going on. And I never would have been able to let Oliver walk freely through the parking lot or the store. He just wasn't tuned in to me enough so that I would feel confident of his safety.

Secondly, I'm looking for something to solve a little dilemma of ours and wonder if anyone out there is better at searching the web than I am. Oliver, you see, has a little bit of a zipper problem. He will NOT wear a coat or sweater or anything else that zips and so we have not been able to spend a lot of time outdoors for the past couple of winters, which is kind of a drag. Fortunately it isn't that cold this winter but I would still like to find some kind of pullover parka or something that would keep him warm. I did find this one at Land's End but don't want to spend $130. on a coat that might not fit next year. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Next, a brief update on the toileting: last week Oliver began to use the potty independently! The way it happened was so natural and easy that I almost didn't even notice. So between that and the YES/NO thing, I feel like we are moving on to the next stage in life.

Also, we went to a birthday party on Saturday for a two year old. When I accepted the invitation I had no idea that so many people would be attending. The party was in a very small apartment and there had to be about 20 adults and at least as many kids. But Oliver handled the crowd better than I did! He even protested when we left.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been reading along and commenting on my blog the past month or so. I have been reading along on everyone else's blog but have not had any time to leave comments. And I don't know about you, but the feedback and encouragement that I get from my cyber-friends means the world to me. It helps me feel not so alone that others know my disappointments and share my joys.


  1. Christine,
    Do you have a Burlington Coat Factory near you? You might get lucky there. They have a huge selection of kids outerwear. Also, the Land's End down vest ($25) snaps (no zipper) and you could layer it over a pullover performance fleece sweatshirt--not cotton, but polartec or something like that that has some windproof qualities. There's also a Land's End snap front quilted field coat, lightly insulated ($45)...

    I don't remember where you live or how cold it gets, but my suggestion is to layer up. (The only downside to the layering thing is that it can be hard for kids with fine motor issues to deal with one piece of outerwear, sometimes stacking two or three will push them over the edge if you expect them to dress themselves.

    Good luck! (If I find anything else, I'll leave another comment.)

  2. Hmmm. I hadn't thought of snaps. Probably because in my minds eye I see him just pulling them open and taking it off the same as with the zipper. The only thing we've had luck with is a hoodie that goes on over his head. ... Layering with the polartec is a good idea and $25 for the vest would be worth trying. I'm in Virginia. It isn't terribly cold here most of the time but it will likely dip down a few times over the course of a winter.

  3. Glad to hear the good update and see the fun video. (Although I cringed when he wiped out in the parking lot, and laughed when he dropped those apples...)

  4. The video was great! I'm amazed by how much he references you.

    Even more did you go out of town and come home to a neater house?

  5. Thanks for sharing the video. Fantastic referencing!

    Glad to hear about the potty success. What a huge relief!

  6. Christine, we don't really know each other, but I have been reading your blog for quite some time. So I guess I do know you.;-)I am SO excited for you as you launch your RDI training.

    I watched the video with great interest. It was fascinating to watch the kinds of non-verbal communication taking place, and it gave me a bit more insight into RDI.

  7. First, what a great husband you have--a cleaner house than when you left?

    Second, I will try to think about the zipper dilemma. We had a zipper problem last winter with Andrew where he would bite the teeth off of the zipper and break it. We went through too many jackets last winter. I was always in search of another alternative to zippers and haven't yet come up with a good one, but like I said, I will keep my eyes open.

    Good job with using the toilet!!!

    The video is awesome! Very nice referencing indeed.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!

  8. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I got a GREAT heavy-lamb like pullover fleec-y type thing from Boden last year. it is so warm, and can be layered. it velcros.

  9. What a great video, it really piques my interest on RDI. Some terrific interactions going on. Wow. I'll think about your zipper dilemma, but I agree with Kristen, Burlington Coat Factory might surprise you.

  10. Anonymous9:31 PM

    YAY!!! i love the video and i love that the test run of being away from home went so well--despite the longing that i can so relate to. i'm SO excited for your certification process! and the potty success! so many wonderful things to be thankful for!

  11. Just letting you know, because I follow silly rules like this, that I tagged you with a meme. Completely optional of course :) Hope you had a good Turkey Day.

  12. Fabulous referencing back. I also have one that trips over his own feet, but far more often.

    It helps me a lot to see that other people take just as long in the grocery store for the same reasons.

    As for the jacket, if you can sew [or have somewhere that does alterations] remove the zip and insert a velcro fitting instead. Some of the ski jackets have both so you could just rip out the zip.


  13. Wow, that's an awesome video! Ok, I'll hire you even BEFORE your RDI training fyou can get my kid to that point! LOL Seriously, Oliver did a great job and was so in tune with you.

    Sorry I'm no help on the jacket front...we have the opposite problem here. Nik's newest obsession is zippers!

  14. Yay! I thought you stopped blogging!! I had you bookmarded only through October for some reason! I love the video, I know I always say this, but our boys are so much alike. It is going to be so hard being away for 10 days, but totally worth it! No suggestions for the pull over, just lots of layers. Anyway I have a lot of catching up to do.

  15. Hi Christine-
    I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Very real life stuff. Makes me wish that I had blogged when my son was younger....
    I would love for you to come and share some of your posts and perspective at my new online community called My husband and I created it to connect other families like our own--loving and raising a child with autism.

    Shannon Johnson

  16. What a lot everyone has been doing! Many cheers for Oliver----I've never been away for 10 days. You'll all do great-----would Target be possible? Or looking online at some kids' clothes sites---I just found this one----

    (My mom found some very nice cargo pants for Charlie at Target for 5$----whatever you buy, keep the receipt!)

  17. Anonymous8:14 PM

    are you doing the training this moment? i'm thinking of you and sending all positive vibes your way! can't wait to hear your update on everything--your time in houston, the boys back at home, the sweet reunion with them upon your return, all of it!

  18. I've been thinking about you and am anxiously waiting to hear all about your RDI training. I am sure even if you are back from your training, you have no time to be on the computer what with catching up with your boys after being away for 10 days and all. Hope all is well and you have a very merry Christmas!

  19. Hmm. We went to layers one winter after a bleed caused by a zipper (the Eldest got his neck caught in the zipper, and it was a real mess). I looked at something like this:

    Peacoats usually button (no zips), and adding a nice warm fleece should do the trick. Too many layers and you have a kid who can't move well, but a jacket plus fleece may be okay.