Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Right Angles

I was never very good at math. I had to take Algebra II three times and I never got more than a C-. I still need to use paper and pencil to figure out double digit simple math problems. But for some odd reason I excelled at geometry. I loved geometry. I found it to be less math than movement, logic and aesthetic. It appealed to me on some inner level that I found surprising given my utter ineptitude at all other things mathematical. And so it is with curiosity that I find myself watching Oliver as he has become compelled to create right angles everywhere. Everywhere. Two grains of rice. A piece of bread torn in two. Random toys found strewn about. Books. His fingers. My fingers. The drawstrings on his pants. ...

And so here, I present his latest passion, which is made and re-made about a hundred times a day -- or more if I would allow it. Our bathroom Stonehenge:

And lest we not forget the youngest member of our clan, who also has an artistic streak, some music:


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    see, i sucked at geometry. i sat in the back and threw spit balls.

    but oliver! these are masterpieces!

    and i'm so impressed with your budding rock star! how well his holds the guitar, strumming and singing at the same time! so adorable.

  2. Oliver's Stonehenge is quite the masterpiece!

    Your little guy is a cutie. A few more years and he will be a pro at Guitar Hero.

  3. That little guy rocks! :-)

    I really like Oliver's creations. That is SO cool. :-)

  4. I always want to know what they are thinking of when they do that kind of thing. You may have a budding architect on your hands.

    Maybe he can support his rock star brother:) That was an adorable video!

  5. Very interesting, I wonder if the block color combinations have any meaning to Oliver. Did you read, Born On A Blue Day? Andrew does things with sticks and other long bend things that makes me wonder if he is in some deep mathematical thought.

    I was not a math girl either, but like you I could always understand and liked Geometry.

    That Sami is just too cute!!!