Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Friend Sam

Did you ever have a friend who just did all the right things?

Well, my friend Sam is just like that. She kept up our friendship even when I was just a limp rag prone to melting into uncontrollable sobs without notice. She is the one who asks just the right questions and really listens to my answers even when I'm pretty sure I don't make any sense. She looks at Oliver and talks to him like she would any other little boy. There are only two people I feel safe leaving Oliver with and she is one of them. She confesses her mothering shortcomings to me and helps me to not feel like such a freak for my own. If I ever need to get out of the house with the boys she is always up for a trip to the park or the river. She drops by with her kids just to hang out if she sees my car parked out front and then lets me feed her kids crappy frozen pizza for lunch so we can hang out talking in the kitchen for another forty-five minutes. She always has a positive word and a smile for everyone.

And most memorably -- and what has surely earned her a place in heaven if she didn't already have one -- she brought me Panera chicken soup and grilled cheese for the boys one day at lunch after we had a 4-night no-sleep bender and I was very close to the edge.

So what am I going to do without her? And, can you believe how selfish she is being, moving with her kids and her husband and everything to a completely new town? One that is an hour away?

Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.

That's all I can say.


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Oh Christine, I'm so sorry. I had a friend like this and sadly, we were the ones who had to move away...

    I still feel sad 4 years later. (Oh my, this isn't helping you, is it?!?!)

    Sending a hug.

  2. oh no! I could use a Panera sandwich delivered up more than a few nights-----you will have to lure her back....

  3. "One that is an hour away?"

    You forgot a word. "Only an hour away" sounds better. We just have to plan an hour in advance instead of 5 minutes in advance. We can do that, and it will give us things to look forward to. There is no way I will let only an hour come between our friendship!

  4. Yay, Sam!!! I was going to write something similar...ONLY an hour away. That's no big deal. Besides, as Sam has already made don't have to do without her. Lucky you. Lucky Oliver. Lucky Sam and her kids, too!

  5. My heart aches for you guys. There is nothing better than a friend that brings you Panera!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous10:25 PM

    aw, man! how sad!

    but listen, an hour. you can do that. it's not impossible, yes? i drag fluffy almost an hour every couple of weeks to meet with our tiny homeschoolers group.

  7. Oh, I know! That does suck! Where I live, in SoCal, it's a sure bet that as soon as you adore someone they will move East. I wish I could move East. But the only cure is that there are still people who don't know better moving West too, and they become my friends for the time they are here, until they figure it out, and move back. I hope some nice people will move your way soon.