Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Do

10:10 pm and here's my list:
1. Mop kitchen floor to remove sticky residue from 2 quarts of spilled lemonade.
2. clean kitchen, refrigerator and bathrooms
3. finish laundry
4. find luggage
5. find list of things to pack
6. pack
7. figure out the online check-in thingy.
8. sleep?

Nik is at work finishing a few things. I have 6 work-related e-mails to send. And we haven't even begun preparing for our trip tomorrow. Well, the luggage carrier is on the roof of the car and we have a full tank of gas. I guess that counts. But ready or not, by noon tomorrow we hit the road!!

Ciao, everyone!!


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I am tired just thinking about your day. Bon Voyage! :-)

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    oh my! have a WONDERFUL time!!!!