Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some stuff in no particular order

1. Our car is no longer with us. I barely managed to make it to the shoulder of the interstate before she died and then I sat there wondering what in the heck I was supposed to do. Hang a white flag out the window? Or is it red? Either way, we had nothing suitable. We did, however, have a fresh stash of apples, which came in handy. Nik was out of town and I don't carry a cell phone. So I popped the hood and tried to look as perplexed and frazzled as I could at all the smoke coming from the engine (which wasn't hard, let me tell you). Then I climbed back into the car and waited. Mercifully someone called us in for emergency assistance. State Trooper arrived, tow-truck was called, and the kids loved every minute of the whole two and a half hour ordeal, especially riding in the tow-truck.

2. Car shopping sucks. We haven't found one yet and rather than rushing into a decision we are going to try and go car-less for a few weeks. This means I'll be riding both kids on my bike. Sami rides in this. Oliver rides with this. I've never managed both kids at once. I may be begging for a car by the end of the week.

3. I think I found an SLP who might actually have a clue. We met with her on Tuesday and I loved her instantly because she set both Oliver and myself at ease and asked all the right questions. I don't love the cost, which we can't afford. Our insurance doesn't cover speech therapy unless it is deemed medically necessary. Makes me want to scream.

4. The State of Virginia, where I live, is considering legislation that would require insurance companies to cover the cost of certain therapies for people with autism, including speech and OT. This could pass early next year so we may be in luck.

5. I wish I knew what it was about our local pool that frightens Oliver so. Last year he couldn't even go inside the pool area after they enclosed it with a bubble for the winter season. This year we've actually been swimming a few times but he clings to me so tightly and I feel his little heart just pounding away. Last weekend he managed to swim a few feet between Nik and I about six times but then he was done and asked to go home. And yet, every day I ask him if he wants to go swimming and every day he says yes -- so even though he appears terrified of the actual pool, I am super, duper, impressed with his willingness to work through whatever is going on with him. I suppose it is partly because he loves swimming so much.

6. Oliver is back on track with the sleeping since last Thursday night. What a relief! I'm thinking of investing in a weighted blanket. I'd love to hear from people who found this to be helpful with sleep issues.


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    We have a weighted blanket. I didn't get it for sleep issues, but for the sensory aspect of calming and organizing. Chee loves it. She does sleep with it every night though. And when she watches TV I have her put it on her lap. We believe it has helped her in the evenings be more organized which was typically not a good time for her.

    I didn't buy a full-size blanket, but a "shawl" which is really just a miniature blanket (nothing "shawl" about it). I like that size because it's portable. She puts it on her lap when we're in the car sometimes ... if we remember.

    It was a worthwhile purchase for us.

  2. Wow, car troubles sound awful. But hooray that Oliver is sleeping better! We have used a weighted blanket for awhile (of course not during the last 3.5 months since we have not been home). I made ours from a guide I found online. I'll look for it for you.

  3. Oh god.

    Just stay at home till you have a car, lol!

    I am glad you are back blogging, I have missed reading your blog!