Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Things That Mean A Lot

Nik and I have been having lots of moments lately when we look at each other and say or think: "Wow! This wouldn't have happened a year ago!" When I think about each little thing individually they don't seem that remarkable, but taken altogether they make my heart sing. So I hope you won't mind if I do a little boastful blogging and share some of those little successes with you, my friends who get why the little things mean so very much.

  1. As reported in my last post: We now have fork and spoon success!
  2. Some of you may remember my pleas last year for alternative winter coat ideas. The boy would NOT wear anything that zippered, buttoned or snapped. We spent a lot of time indoors. This year it has been a total non-issue. In fact, when he knows we are going out he hunts around, finds his coat and puts it on himself!
  3. Shoes and socks also get put on and stay on. Mostly. And they always have to be Crocs.
  4. Oliver no longer has the need to ride in the carts when we go shopping and, in fact, prefers to walk along with me and explore the environment.
  5. We can now drive past my mothers street and house without stopping, without issue.
  6. Oliver is no longer afraid of the sound of the shower and even enjoys taking them!
  7. When we visit the children's museum in our town, Oliver now explores the exhibits instead of spending all of his time fixated on the Thomas the Train face on the train table.
  8. When we leave the house, Oliver holds the door open for me and for Sami (as opposed to letting it slam in our faces).
  9. When we get in the car Oliver automatically puts his seat belt on and does not remove it until we get where we are going.
  10. Oliver will now sit contentedly and look at a book. He will even prolong storytime by bringing me book after book.
  11. Oliver has conquered his fear of the local public swimming pool (actually his fear was of the bubble that houses it in the winter time) and now he can hardly be persuaded to come home.
And the biggest and best -- the one I appreciate the most:

12. For the past month, whenever he has awakened during the night he simply turns the light on and goes back to sleep on his own! We've only had to give him Benadryl one time in four weeks!!


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    As I read thru this list, I couldn't help but smile. These are huge gains, my friend, huge!! Each impacting the quality of your lives in such a significant way.

    Yes, to some it might read like a list of "so-whats", but to me, to anyone who has walked this path, it's the most amazing list!!

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!! all of them but when i got to #12, i actually gasped.


  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Wow, these are huge! I don't blame you for being excited and wanting to boast! Way to go, Oliver!!

  4. Shout it from the rooftops, my friend! This is such a wonderful list of accomplishments to celebrate.

    What a wonderful Valentine to read this!

  5. These are each incredible accomplishments in their own right, but together, this is an amazing list. You are all making great strides each day. Congratulations!

  6. OMG ooo much success
    That is spectacular

  7. These are great! He has come so far, and in all the ways that really matter!

  8. You have made me so happy. I am thrilled for you as your far off fan, and I am thrilled to imagine that maybe we'll get there with so many of those same things in time. Thanks for the hope, inspiration, and good news!

  9. AMAZING!! I keep meaning to satrt writing these things down, in a book or something, and when he is in "tantrum" mode, I could just pull it out and sit with a cuppa a nd read through (ok I know that wouldnt quite work but hey, a girl can dream right!)

  10. Anonymous8:09 AM

    That is quite a transformation!

  11. I hope you know how much hope this gives me. Especially #12. Such wonderful, wonderful accomplishments. Hooray!

  12. This is all absolutely wonderful. What amazing progress Oliver has made! Please keep up the boastful blogging--it gives me so much hope, too!

  13. These are all HUGE!!! I love them all!

  14. P.S.--I'm a Crocs girl, so I'm with Oliver on this one.