Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Virtual Book Tour: Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Welcome to today's stop on the Virtual Book Tour for Barbara Gail Techel’s story of love and triumph, Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog!

Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog tells the tale of a dachshund who is adopted early in life by Gail and her husband. He has a good life with his adopted "mother", seeing the world, or at least Elkhart Lake, from the basket on the front of Gail's bike. But soon life changes dramatically in Frankie's house: a spinal cord injury leaves her hind legs paralyzed leaving her unable to walk. Operations, physical therapy and a lot of love and persistence follow as Frankie heals from his injury but is still unable to walk. Gail, not one to give up easily, finds a way to help Frankie to have the best possible quality of life. A specially made wheelchair gives Frankie the mobility he needs to continue seeing the world with Gail.

Together, Frankie and Gail have become a registered therapy dog team, visiting the elderly and hospital and hospice patients.

Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog, is a beautifully illustrated children's book that will appeal to people of all ages.

OK, now for the backstory of this review. I have to admit that when I was asked to write a post about this book for the Virtual Tour a few thoughts crossed my mind. Like: A Dog book? A Dog in a wheelchair book? But I was also a bit curious, so sure, I said: sign me up. When the book arrived I barely had time to glance at the cover before shoving it into my suitcase to read while on vacation. And there the book remained, guiltily reminding me of my obligation every time I opened my suitcase to throw in another pound of souvenir chocolate. Finally, on the day before we were to depart for home I sat down to read the book.

What I found between the pages of Frankie The Walk 'n Roll Dog, was a very touching love story. It reminded me that there is no possible way to place a value on love. Love inspires us to create possibilities where others might see only limitations. Love inspires us to keep on moving forward even when our very own legs cannot carry us any further. And there are as many varieties of love in this world as their are varieties of people. It is what makes life so interesting.

About Barbara: She is the author of the multi-award winning Frankie, the Walk 'N roll Dog. She wrote the children's book to give hope and inspiration to all who face challenges. Her lifetime love of animals led her to realize that Frankie's paralysis was an opportunity to spread a positive message. Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog, her first children’s book, was awarded the 2008 National Best Book Award (children’s picture book soft cover) by USA Book News, the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award by Dog Writer’s Association of America, and the Editor’s Choice Award by Allbooks Review. It was also a finalist in the 2008 Indie Excellence Awards. Frankie has been inducted into the 2009 Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame.


  1. What a beautiful review! You really illuminated the heart of this book with your usual style and insight. :-) As always, I thoroughly enjoy your writing. I hope you've all recovered from your return flight from Switzerland. And no, I'm not the slightest bit envious that you've been in Europe in a house with a pantry full of Swiss chocolate. Not a bit! :-P

  2. Wow, Christine I feel like you were right inside my heart when you wrote this review. I often hold my book up and tell people, "This is my heart." You so hit on that with what you shared in your review. Thank you so much for having Frankie and I on your blog. Wow.

    ~Barbara Techel
    Author & proud mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog
    2009 Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion