Friday, April 16, 2010

A quick post before I slumber

Oliver continues to sleep.

During an appointment at the developmental pediatrician yesterday, she congratulated us twice for whatever it was that we did that finally worked. But I really believe that Oliver is now sleeping despite our best efforts. After years of struggling to honor what it seemed that Oliver needed at night -- to be comforted by human closeness -- while simultaneously managing to keep our physical, mental and emotional health in order, it feels as though we are finally, literally, at rest. Where once I had to lay with him, singing and soothing him to sleep, he now goes easily to sleep on his own. Where once I had a boy who could not fall back asleep if he awoke in the night -- who in fact often appeared to struggle to stay awake -- I now have a boy who seems eager to fall back asleep if awakened. All the manic energy during the day has gradually disappeared. The amazing appetite that belonged to a boy twice his size has become more moderate.

With all our new found energy, I've committed myself to teaching the boys how to read.  They are both ready, I think. And Sami, for one, is eager. I bought a book: Montessori Read and Write, which I am finding is very compatible with the style of learning that I would like to foster -- developmentally appropriate and fun! I was surprised to find that Oliver and Sami both know about an equal number of letter sounds. And Oliver already knows how to spell about six words. This will be the first time I've tried to teach both kids something like this at the same time. It should be interesting and I hope not too frustrating. Based on our first couple of days I am guardedly optimistic. Wish us luck!

And now: to bed! Soccer at eight a.m. 


  1. First, congratulations! Second, I want to know your thoughts after you've done more w/the reading program...I want to find s/t to use with Nik. He knows all the letters and can make some letter sounds.

    I'm not going to jinx anything by saying a word about our sleep status!

  2. Sigh. There is hope. How old is Oliver now? I hope that John outgrows this need to be with us in the middle of the night, it is rough. I've not been blogging or reading, lots of other stuff going on right now, but so glad to read that his sleep continues and that you've turned a corner. Hooray!

  3. Fun! Alex is ready to start too. It's funny, Tobin hasn't been reading *that* long, but I've already forgotten how she learned. I remember rhyming games and lots of easy reader books, but not the how. Alex seems to be doing really well already, but we may try the BOB books with him.

  4. So happy for you that you are getting some relief in the sleep department. I know how that can wear on one's soul. And best wishes with the reading program! It sounds promising!

  5. I am SO glad you're sleeping. You must be starting to feel wonderful after all those years.