Sunday, August 29, 2010

Problem-solving in action

Um, two things about yesterday's post. I probably should have included a teeeny bit of additional information about the searching for the sheets. You see, Oliver is not the great communicator that his brother is. So he didn't exactly say: There's no sheet so I'm gonna find one. Instead, I watched him go first to RT's room, come out empty-handed, then walk down the hall to my room. Curious, I followed him and stood in the doorway watching as my boy yanked the sheets from my bed in a very determined fashion and then dragged them back to his room! Oliver never once thought to look in the linen closet. Or maybe, knowing what kind of housekeeper his mother is, he just knew better!

The boys and I did make jelly today. We spent a good hour this morning stirring and mixing and ladling. Then I did the hot, heavy work of canning while the boys swam. Unfortunately, we'll have to put our problem-solving skills to work later this week when we figure out how to redo our hard work. It appears our jelly didn't gel! As frustrated as I feel about this, after spending most of a ninety degree day in front of the stove, I had to laugh when Sami turned the teaching tables on me and consoled: "It's ok, Mom. We'll figure it out and do a better job next time!"

Yes, indeedy!

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  1. Sami's are words to live by!

    Hats off to you for standing in front of that hot stove. It has been hot here, too, and I am quite ready to say farewell to it.