Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sweeter than Strawberries

The food season has started in the little green house. May is the time when I kick into full speed ahead mode in the garden, planning and planting and already thinking ahead to what I can set aside for the long winter months. Today I picked, cleaned and set aside 20 quarts of strawberries that will somehow magically become pie, ice cream and cobbler when we need a little a little extra sunshine at the end of the year. I even saved a few from the freezer bags for strawberry margaritas this weekend.

So, I'm telling all this to you now by way of explanation for what is bound to be a pretty paltry post. All I have to share tonight is the image of a boy and his mom, at dinner time, sitting at a table in a local restaurant, passing notes back and forth.

Me (passing the menu to the boy): What would you like to a eat?
Oliver: A bagel, toasted with butter.
Me: What kind of bagel? I see there is a list there.
Oliver: ev. ... (meaning an everything bagel)
Me: And what about to drink?
Oliver: Lemonade

Then, later (regarding the live music at the restaurant; the musicians being friends of ours with whom Sami the banjo boy frequently "performs"):
Me: I like this music. It's different than they usually play. Have you ever heard this kind of music before?
Oliver: Yes. You have a CD.
Me: But I haven't played it in a long time!
Oliver: I know.
Me: It's called Klezmer music.
Oliver: I know.
Me: If you like it then maybe Bruce and the others would feel happy if you told them.
Oliver: OK

Then, on a new sheet of paper:

Dear Bruce,
I really like the music.

Before we left, Oliver and I walked to the small stage and Oliver held up the notebook so the band could read it. The look of pride and happiness on Oliver's face as our friends read his note with astonishment said more than every word on the page.


  1. First of all, I envy your garden and the way you are able to feed your family with things you grow. Such a true luxury.

    And there's nothing paltry about this post. It's beautiful. Simple, everyday, beautiful.

  2. Ack thanks for the reminder Christine! I need to plant my tiny little garden. Last year I had a couple peppers, a couple tomoatoes, red onions, and it made me so happy to eat veggies from my own yard! I ate countless tortillas with those items sliced up inside- mmmmmmmm.

  3. Well, the strawberries didn't come from MY garden. And Gretchen: there is nothing like dinner from your own garden! I could live all summer on tomatoes and peppers!!

  4. I wanted to let you know that I started reading you a long time ago before you took a break. I left you in my reader and was so happy to see the little (1) behind your name when you started writing again. Then to read of they way Oliver has opened up, I smiled from ear to ear. Keep writing, I love to read of you and Oliver.

    And this post is anything but paltry btw.