Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh Dear Me!

I'm not doing very well in the consistency department of blogging, am I? I don't know what to say about that, except, well, I've got all these vegetable to chop.

Luckily, I can enlist the help of my minions!

But, I know: you are really tuning in here because you want to hear all the wonderful amazing things that my boy with the big smile is doing. And I won't disappoint you. Or rather, he won't. But first I'm going to make you watch this video:

Yeah, the quality stinks but you try taking a video while biking on a dirt path. But seriously, do you see how cute he looks in his bike shorts on his pink Trek? God, I love this kid! And nothing makes me happier than biking with my boy. Well, except for spending each afternoon with my two boys in our little "learning lounge". That makes me exponentially happy, my friends.

I wish you could see how eagerly Oliver races up the stairs every day when I tell him it is time for school. I wish you could see how proud he is of himself for being able to answer questions and fully participate in what we are learning. I wish you could see how my heart swells each time he gets up from the bed, crosses the room and happily sits down to "talk" about the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Last week Oliver and I had this exchange (my part was verbal, his written):

Me: So, do either of you remember anything interesting about ancient Egypt?
Oliver:  They were very rich.
Me: Why do you think that?
Oliver: Because they buried that boy with all the gold.
Me: Which boy?
Oliver: King Tut.
Me: And how did they get so rich?
Oliver: Because the Nile gave them good soil for growing things and a way for transportation and trade. They could get the gold because they had extra crops.

Pages and pages of conversations like these litter every surface.

We've come a million miles in the last five months. Every day feels like a miracle. Every single day.

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