Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I got all emotional this Sunday watching as my two boys walked ahead on our hike to the swimming hole. They are growing up and content to walk on ahead, leaving Nik and I to actually converse with one another.
So I thought: I'm gonna get a photo of the two of them together when we get to the next river crossing.

These two brothers have an uncomplicated but nuanced relationship and they love each other without reserve.

As long as Sami doesn't try to touch Oliver.
So naturally I suggest that Sami put his arm around Oliver for the photo.
 See, kinda like that. Except not.
Awe, c'mon, Oliver! Just one picture!

Then Oliver deployed a clever distracting technique, splashing Sami as if he were one of the thousands of dry rocks that must be made to change color each time we visit the river.
C'mon guys! Quit fooling around and just let me take the picture!!

So there you have it. Brothers who love each other and know the rules of expression until Mom starts meddling! They've got it all figured out and put up with me only because they know I can't keep up! Thank goodness they've got each other!!


  1. Awesome pictures. I am always impressed and delighted with the way you carefully observe your boys' behavior and reactions.

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Love this. Holy cow they've grown!!!