Friday, October 11, 2013

The people we meet

Some people just get it. Which is to say that there are a lot of people who just don't get it.

But when we come across someone who talks to my son -- I mean really talks to him -- even though he has never, ever uttered a word in reply. ... well, it's sad to say but that person is one in a million.

The fun part is that you never know where you might meet a person who "gets it." It usually isn't in the places you might suppose, like at the doctor's office or the school.

Maybe it's the person bagging your groceries at the checkout. Or maybe it's the person behind the counter at the jewelry store that your son likes to visit on walks downtown because they have a fancy water dispenser.

For us, one of those people owns a small Peruvian Chicken stand in an unlikely strip mall. She takes the orders, makes the chicken and hands it over with a smile and always, always, kind words just for Oliver.

"How are you doing today, Oliver?"

"You are looking so handsome. A foot taller than last month, for sure. Tell your parents to bring you more often so I can admire your smile more. I hope you're working hard in school. It's important to show them all how smart you are!"

Last night we had the ipad with us. When we finished eating Oliver typed to her for the first time:

"I think you make the best chicken and french fries in the world."

And then,

"Thank you for always talking to me."

She said it was the best compliment she ever received. And the first time she ever kissed a customer.


  1. LOVE those rare people who get it! Wish everyone got it! Love that he is able to type to her now :)

  2. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I teared up to, Christine!

  3. Oh, this got me. Love!

  4. It's safe to say I will comment "wow" on every post.

  5. Damn, that made me cry.