Wednesday, November 06, 2013

From Oliver's point of view

Today I went to school and took my first real test ever. I did very well on the test. I thought it was easier than I expected. Everyone was surprised by the words I knew. The people who were testing me couldn't even pronounce some of the words but I still got them right. If it weren't for my mom who was there with me to help me with her hand on my shoulder I would not have been able to show them how much I know. That's the way it has been my entire life. People only saw the things that make me different when I tried to show them what I know.

I taught myself to read when I was only two years old by watching the words as  my mom read. I would have liked to read different books but I didn't know how to say so.  I really sound like I am complaining but I wanted to learn things and we only read childish books. I learned by paying attention to everything around me. I was always listening even when it didn't look like it.

Other people like me who can't speak are everywhere.  Please don't give up on them because they need you to believe in their intelligence. Without your help they will feel lost. Together you are stronger.



  1. Congratulations, Oliver, that is a huge thing going in to school and taking your first-ever official test! I can't tell you how important it is that you remind us to believe in each other. Thank you.