Friday, February 07, 2014

Hurry up and wait

I have been going to school every day but I am not learning anything much. I get frustrated that other kids easily go to school but I must make myself wait. I don't have an aide because the school doesn't have any other kids like me that type to speak. But I love learning and I am ready. I really like the kids and the teachers I have met. Hopefully I will be a student soon.


What can I say? Oliver is ready, others are not. Until yesterday we were going to school everyday to observe a social skills class in which he will, eventually, participate. But that participation won't happen this week. Or next. And our time of observation is over. It is frustrating and I am reminded of the many reasons why I chose to homeschool in the first place. Chiefly? I am terrible at waiting. This week makes six months that we have been waiting for Oliver to be able to take his place in the classroom.

But another truth is that I am in no hurry. At least not if the rush comes at the expense of the right supports. Educating a child like Oliver -- a kid who is incredibly smart and who must overcome significant obstacles -- is not an easy thing to do well. But doing it better than well is what I'm asking. And for this I am willing to wait a bit longer. I don't just want them to make a place for him, I want them to embrace him and to celebrate what he has to contribute to the school and to our community. Without the right supports his challenges will obscure his gifts.

In the meantime, Oliver is becoming more and more an independent typer. I have gradually increased the physical distance up to two feet between us as he types and he is making better use of the word prediction element of his app, Assistive Express. His typing is getting faster and more accurate with each day that passes.Though, truthfully, his motivation is waning. He has spent eleven years observing the speaking world and now he wants to join in but is told to wait a while longer.

When we began this journey towards public education Oliver told me: "I want to type on my own so I can go to school."  He has worked incredibly hard to achieve his goal. Hopefully, one day soon, they will let him.


  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I'm confused - why do you have to wait? Don't they legally have to provide an aide so he can go to school? Apologise if I've missed something obvious.

    Thanks for your words, Oliver. Good that you like the other people there. School can be frustrating in that you don't often learn the things you want to learn, but sometimes you learn other things instead. All the stuff you really want to learn - you have to do that in your own time, I've found.

  2. The truth is: I don't really know why we are waiting so long. ... Oliver will get an aide. When he will get an aide is another question.... Keep your fingers crossed for us!!