Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mama's View of 7th Grade

What is there to say, really? Seventh grade for Oliver is a vast improvement from the fiasco of last year. It all came down to finding a supportive person in the administration at our local school district. That's all it took to get things moving in the right direction: one person who really saw Oliver. A person with the power to make a difference who listened to him. I hope to write more about that, and also more about the HUGE adjustment it has been to send my boy off to public school each day. People? I miss my boy! Truly! So often during my homeschooling life others remarked to me that they could never homeschool. But homeschooling is about a 100 times easier if you ask me. AND, I got to spend my time leisurely doing things with my boys. Oh, how I miss those days!! My hat is off to all of you who chose the school route from the beginning. It involves a level of stamina that I'm not sure I could have mustered back when Oliver needed so much more support with everyday life.  Anyway, the most important thing is that Oliver is happy. Happy with a capitol H!

I'm uploading here a short video of Oliver using his Math Paper app. He is included in Algebra I this year and, because it is an advanced class, for which he will receive high school credit, the pace of instruction is fairly rapid. It takes Oliver quite a bit longer than his peers to complete the work, even with all the modifications that they have made for him. I searched for quite some time to find a math app that would accommodate Oliver's movement differences and still let him perform all the same calculations that other students would do with paper and pencil. (Oliver has no physical support in this video).

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I wondered how the school thing was going - it always takes people to get beyond the bureacracies doesn't it. Glad to hear things are moving along. My 2 will probably end up in school rather than homeschooled and I am not looking forward to the whole getting them to one place at the same time every day thing!