Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For all you homeschoolers

Today is the Great Christmas Cookie Baking Extravaganza at my house in which I attempt to make four batches of different cookies in just a few short hours. My day began at the grocery store at 7am this morning. .... SO! Looks like another linking kind of blog post day here at DaySixtySeven.  This time I'm sharing links aimed at all you homeschoolers. But even if you don't homeschool, I hope you'll watch some of these videos because I think the ideas they convey are worth considering for all.

First, check out this link and read about some folks that you may have heard of that benefited from homeschooling in some way. Then, be sure to follow this link and watch the presentation about the unschooling approach. (By the way, I hate that name: it sounds so subversive and I think gives folks the wrong idea about this approach to education. When I tell people about unschooling I feel like I also have to declare: I am not a radical!)

Then, if you want to think even more about our education system, check out this very creative representation of a Ken Robinson presentation.

OK, off to rattle my cookie sheets!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I never get time to investigate this stuff and - esp since I'm in the middle of homeschooling - I need it, I want it, I love it. Thank you. Oh and um, check your cookies.

  2. Your blog always gives me something to think about! (I love that) I also think "unschooling" is the wrong word for it...thanks for the links.