Friday, March 21, 2014

Oliver's video library

Oliver has said that he would like to keep a video library of him typing each day and describing something about himself. Yesterday, Oliver finally, finally, had his first day of school after many false starts, so it seemed like a good place to start. If you look in the upper right hand corner of this page you will see a link to his video library where I've placed the video. I can't assure you that we will manage to post something everyday but we will try!! This first video is pretty long but without edits you can see how much effort goes into typing and the kind of support that Oliver needs just to get his words out. You can also see my occasional impatience, Oliver's occasional frustration and my fresh from the shower hair!! But this is what facilitated communication looks like for us.

If you have any questions that you would like Oliver to try and answer he would also love to hear from you! Sometimes I think it feels kind of lonely for him in our little corner of America, so comments help, too!!


  1. Hi Oliver! I love your voice! Your Buddy Philip wants to learn to type like you so he is going to learn this weekend. The first day of school was hard for Philip too. It will get better each day. Keep up the good work!

  2. Laurence4:49 AM

    You do great Oliver !!
    Nicolas use to take his arm like a support too. That's why we start fitness like Ido, to muscle his arm ( kind of Buce Willis therapy lol). Someone told me that the fact Nico needs me next to him to type is no longer autonomy. Kind of how to blow up any hopes ! I know , we know they need to succeed in typing by their own !But we need time , no criticism . they work so hard , our silent fihters !
    Great idea , this video Library!
    So wonderfull you go to school Oliver !

  3. thank you lisa and laurence. i am happy to know that there are other kids like me. i would like to meet them one day so we can type together. we don't have to be silent if people take the time to listen.

  4. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Oliver, I showed your video to my 5 year old son. I tried to tell him that he will learn to communicate just like you. We are rooting for you!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us!

    Geovana & Andrew(5)

  5. Lisa Bauhan3:13 PM

    I found your blog through Lisa Reyes. I'm a speech therapist in NH, introducing FC to anyone who will listen through a grant with an assistive technology organization. I appreciate Oliver's efforts, and will be keeping an eye on his progress. The fc community is small but growing, thanks to people like you!